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Experience Interactive History Lessons in Acton

History is alive and well in Acton and nearby Concord, MA. There is no better way to appreciate the past than by exploring it in person with interactive exhibits, true-to-life reenactments and beautifully preserved artifacts. Stay engaged and informed in

Concord Museum in Concord, MA

Image Courtesy of Concord Museum

winter 2015 by visiting the area’s historic sites this February. There’s no shortage of opportunities in Acton for learning about history, including these and other fascinating resources:

  • Concord Museum
  • Minute Man National Historical Park

The Concord Museum celebrates the rich and storied past of the community, its fabled residents and their impact on our nation. In addition to hosting exhibitions and housing permanent collections of Concord-area artifacts, the museum is home to the world’s largest collection of items related to Concord native Henry David Thoreau. Visitors in February of 2015 can enjoy “Behind Closed Doors: Asleep in New England.” Objects on display include beds, cribs, coffins and other sleep-related Americana.

The front entrance of the Concord Museum is located at 53 Cambridge Turnpike, Concord, MA 01742.

Reconstructed North Bridge in Minute Man National Park

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

History buffs in Acton and beyond will relish the chance to visit the sites where the battles of Lexington and Concord took place. Besides standing on these Revolutionary War battlefields at what is now Minute Man National Historical Park, visitors can visit the spot where Paul Revere was captured. Other highlights include the Minute Man Monument and Hartwell Tavern, where it all began. Nature lovers can take in its 900-plus acres of natural beauty as they walk the many trails along the five-mile Battle Road Trail, which connects a number of American Revolution-related sites. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the spectacular foliage, pastoral farmland and bridged wetlands.

Minute Man National Historical Park Visitor Center is located at 250 North Great Road, Lincoln MA.

There’s so much for history lovers to do in Acton and Concord. From the Jonathan Hosmer House, a restored eighteenth-century saltbox farmhouse in Acton, to famous sites from the Revolutionary War, visitors who venture there this February will find history alive and well in 2015.

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