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Healthy Mouth Helps a Healthy Body

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Maintaining a healthy mouth is very important to the team at Acton Concord Dental because we know a healthy mouth can help you have a healthy body. After all, a condition like periodontal disease, which has an increased level of oral bacteria, is associated with complications like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even premature labor. Managing the bacterial levels in your mouth can help your smile be healthier and also keep your teeth stronger. One of the ways people do this is by using mouthwash at home as part of their oral hygiene routine. With so many types of mouthwash available in the dental aisle of your supermarket, how can you be sure that you’re using the one that is best for your oral care needs?

There are typically two types of mouthwashes and each have a different role to play, based on your oral care priorities:

Antiseptic Rinses in a Mouthwash Aisle

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Antiseptic Rinses

Antiseptic rinses usually use a combination of essential oils along with alcohol to eliminate bacteria that causes gum disease. Essential oils have been proven to be an effective way to reverse the symptoms of gum disease, helping you manage your oral hygiene more effectively. These rinses minimize bleeding and swelling of the gum tissues, but they do not replace flossing. Unfortunately they can also cause dry mouth.

Fluoride Rinses

If you are susceptible to frequent cavities, tooth sensitivity or are undergoing orthodontic therapy – fluoride rinses can help strengthen your enamel. When used regularly, fluoride rinse is capable of reversing early signs of enamel demineralization, thus stopping tooth decay before it starts.

More and more companies are beginning to formulate rinses that bring antiseptic properties and fluoride together, but this is a minority of the products. At Acton Concord Dental Group, we can provide you with a prescription grade mouth rinse based on the individual needs of your smile. Or we can recommend a specific brand and formula that you can pick up at the store. Schedule your preventive dental visit with us today to find out more!

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