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Top Five Coffee Spots in Acton

Whether it’s some of the finest roasts in the nation, straight from the source, or fair-trade certified beans served to perfection in a coffeehouse, to simply your go-to brew no matter where you are, Acton has the coffee you’re looking for. These are the top spots.

George Howell Terroir Coffee Company
312 School Street
Acton, Mass. 01720

This is a roastery and warehouse rather than a cafe or coffee house, but George Howell is a legend in the coffee world. After Starbucks bought out his groundbreaking specialty coffee company some twenty years ago, he went to work as a coffee consultant for the UN and the International Coffee Organization, where he designed sustainability strategies for coffee farmers around the world. Now he’s back making serious coffee for serious coffee lovers. Although he has a cafe in Newtonville, local customers can pick up their online orders of Borboyo or Tarrazu beans at the same spot they test new brew methods, simply by selecting “Pick up in Acton” at checkout. For those in the know, this place is a must.

Acton Coffee House
342 Great Road
Acton, Mass. 01720

This charming java joint offers superb coffee, with an expansive variety of roasts to choose from. Their roasts feature high-quality, fair-trade organic coffee, with a selection of baked goods to help you get your morning (or evening!) started. On top of that, they are centrally located in Acton Woods Plaza, making a stop wherever you are and wherever you are going pretty irresistible.

Spruce Street Baker & Cafe
5 Spruce Street
Acton, Mass. 01720

We confess — it’s not just the great coffee that warrants the Spruce Street Baker & Cafe on this list. Along with hot cups of your favorite roast, this place offers up some of the lightest, airiest, most delicious doughnuts you’ll find anywhere. Just walking through the front door, with a warm aromatic swirl of coffee and sugary confections greeting you, will immediately brighten your day.

Starbucks Coffee
411 Massachusetts Avenue
Acton, Mass. 01720

Starbucks sometimes gets a bad rap for being the behemoth it is. But it’s so successful for a reason: it does what it does really well, and what it does is serve delicious coffee in a welcoming environment, with a variety of roasts. Like it or not, Starbucks revolutionized the coffee world, and in doing so, they’ve inspired a devoted following. But that devotion is based more than anything on this: reliably good coffee served with a smile. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Dunkin Donuts
212 Main Street
Acton, Mass. 01720

DD is a New England legend, and leaving it off a list of the top coffee spots seems almost un-American. And there’s no denying that their customers come almost as much for the coffee as for those frosted, round, fried cakes they dish out. True, they don’t really go for all the fancy trimmings — your coffee won’t be called a latte, or a cappuccino, or an americano. It’s a coffee, black, probably, and you don’t stay to connect to the wi-fi, browse the different roasts on offer, or chat with your girlfriends. You get it to go, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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