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What You Need to Know About Grills

Dental grills might draw attention to your teeth and your smile, but they are actually terrible for your teeth.

If you have ever seen a music video with someone in it wearing grills, known as grillz, then you are likely looking at dental grills that are made from gold, silver, or another precious metal. While expensive grillz made from high-quality materials can cause less damage, many grillz made from less expensive materials can cause an allergic reaction and irate your mouth and teeth.

Grillz can also promote tooth decay and plaque buildup because food particles and bacteria get trapped between the teeth and the grills. The grills can also rub up against other teeth and cause abrasion and issues with the adjacent teeth. The laundry list of negatives doesn’t end there, however. Grillz wearers will also suffer from discoloration on their teeth.

While you may want to add grillz to your style, think first about your oral health.

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